Light Through The Syacmore - Kovac Architects

August 2, 2013

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Light Through The Sycamore – Kovac Architects

The Sycamore House takes its name from the three large trees that share its vertiginous Pacific Palisades site; the geometry of the house is driven by the sharply descending slope. In keeping with the modest scale of its neighbors, the house presents a single-story elevation to the street, while the view from below reveals a series of sculpted volumes cascading down toward Rivas Canyon.

Designed as the home of firm Principal Michael Kovac, Sycamore House serves as a laboratory for the firm’s ongoing research into sustainable architecture and a showcase for Kovac’s design philosophy. The home’s integration of environmental systems and green materials has made it one of the first residences in California to garner a LEED Platinum Certification.

-Michael Kovac
Los Angeles, California