Studio 8 Architects & YMCA of Austin

YMCA | North Austin Branch

Photography, Video

While scouting a photo shoot of the new North Austin YMCA and Community Center, we stumbled upon a story that we felt needed to be told. It is a story about determination, cooperation, and how doing the right thing is still the most powerful tool for creating positive change. Also, a story of how architecture is playing a solid role in the transformation of a community.

We created two films with distinct missions; one telling the story of the North Austin YMCA and a second short with the architect’s behind the building.

Thanks to the YMCA of Austin and Studio 8 Architects for asking us to produce this film. Special thanks to James Finck, Deanna Bounds, all the staff at the YMCA in North Austin, Kencade Brown and Sara Hensley. It is a story that we hope will open up more possibilities for positive change.


Music: Charlie Bisharat
Second Camera: Roman Garcia


Studio 8 Architects


Behind the Scenes

Architecture films and videos. Studio 8 Architects; YMCA North Austin; Austin, Texas