Public Art 4Culture: Make the World Your Studio


4Culture, the cultural services agency for King County, Washington is committed to making our region stronger by supporting citizens and groups who preserve our shared heritage, and create arts and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors.


Conversations with:
Susan Robb, Artist; Buster Simpson, Artist; Edie Everette, Artist; Cath Brunner, Director, Public Art 4Culture

Soundtrack by:
Podington Bear
“Got Spark”
“All Out”

Public Art in order of appearance:
Barbara Grygutis, South Park Bridge, 2014
Jane Tsong, …no beginning no end/circle of life/blessed water/blood of life…, 2011
Ned Kahn, Glacial Façade, 2006
Susan Robb, The Long Walk, 2012; video by Rodrigo Valenzuela
Linda Beaumont, Truth Crushed To The Earth Will Rise Again, 2005
Douglas Cooper, From These Hills From These Waters, 2005
Buster Simpson, Bio Boulevard & Water Molecule, 2011
David Boxley, Salmon Legends Totem and Beaver Legends Totem, 1992
Susan Zoccola, Bloom, 2004
Robert Horner, Lunar Rhythmic Revolution, 2009
Isaac Layman, Ice Cube Tray, 2008
Connie Watts, Vereinigung, 1997
Anna Valentina Murch, Confluences, 2008
Jim Blashfield, Circulator, 2011
Claude Zervas, Chandelier, 2011
Cris Bruch, South Branch and Puddles, 2011
Edie Everette, HazMatters, 2014
Clyde Petersen, The Wild World of Pesticides, 2014
Christian Moeller, News Readers, 2006
Jann Rosen-Queralt, Confluence, 2011
Betsy Damon, Homage to Living Systems: Pole to Measure Floods, 2011