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Authenticity. It's what we do best.

Architectural Films and Images

Our Work


Kirkland Avenue Townhomes

Schemata Workshop + Champion Homes


Studio 8 Architects | Lars Frazer
Light Through The Syacmore - Kovac Architects

Light Through The Sycamore

Kovac Architects


Tres Birds Workshop & Modern In Denver Magazine

Topfer Theatre at ZACH

Andersson Wise Architects | Andrew Pogue

Rackspace Hosting

Studio 8 Architects

YMCA | North Austin Branch

Studio 8 Architects & YMCA of Austin

Their depth of experience in the industry along with their immense artistic talent and technical expertise is the reason our video continues to market itself.

Deanna Bounds | Studio 8 Architects

Our Vision

We are a collective

Just because you didn’t win a Pulitzer doesn’t mean there’s not a story to be told.


We give your design a face. We capture your work and share it with the world. We spread your vision to new audiences.

Through photography, video and a dash of pure creative inspiration we produce visuals that capture your story while staying true to your identity. We start by listening and asking the hard questions. We focus on every piece of the puzzle from the narrative, production, editing and soundtrack. Our films capture light and space and incorporate authentic interviews that give a glimpse of the people behind your ideas and process.

As accomplished architectural photographers, we approach each assignment with an immense knowledge of lighting and architectural composition.  We know the business of architecture and how to make your firm’s marketing dollars deliver a brand signal that is authentic and dynamic.

We are a small cooperative team capturing architecture and the built environment.

Let’s collaborate!


Studio 8 Architects
Tres Birds Workshop
YMCA of Austin

Kovac Architects
Hsu Office of Architecture*
AIA Austin

HDR Architecture**
Modern In Denver

Mexican American Cultural Center
Schemata Workshop
Andersson Wise Architects**


*Clients of Lars Frazer Photography
**Clients of Andrew Pogue Photography

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Lars Frazer

Lars Frazer Photography
Austin, Texas


Andrew Pogue

Andrew Pogue Photography
Seattle, Washington